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With the chaos of the holidays in full swing, it’s nice to finally take a little time to unwind.  Whether it’s sleeping in late, going back for seconds, or simply spending a little more one-on-one time with the boys (my nephews), the key word for the past couple days has been to overindulge.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that often the other 11 months out of the year due to my professional life taking up much of my time.  However, it seems as if my hard work has paid off making it to Santa’s nice list.  We usually exchange Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas morning.  This year was was no different and I was lucky to find some pretty chic gifts under the tree with MY name on them.  I decided to document the evening with some cool shots taken by my new Canon Rebel T3 in the latest “Style Diary” feature.

Glasses: Warby Parker, Shirt: Van’s (OTW Collection), Pants: Docker’s, Brogues: Cole Haan, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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Verry Berry!

Last week, I was invited to attend a roundtable discussion with a group of other entrepreneurs here in New York.  It was great to meet other like minded individuals with the drive for being their own boss. From a CEO to a major tech company, to an emerging handbag designer, one thing we all had in common was the passion for what we did; an element for success.

With that said, I was asked to wear dark colors since we were going to be filmed.  I thought it would be fun to do a quick shoot before I headed over, and called on one of my photographer friends to capture my look for the day.

If you haven’t already noticed, stores are starting to look like berry patches as the color was a huge hit on the runways for fall.  Buyers bought and are now filling up their selves with different tones from this particular palette.  I can’t wait to rock all the cool fall trends and got a bit of a head start on this one.

Shirt: John Varvatos Collection, Shorts: Docker’s, Belt: Hugo Boss, Sandals: Kris Van Assche, Tote: Lacoste, Watch: Nixon, Sunglasses: VestalVerryberry





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The Finalists revealed

The votes have been tallied and the finalists have been announced for the 7th Annual Handbag Designer Awards.  With thousands of submissions worldwide, it was a very tough to decision to narrow it down to the best of the best.   A highlight of my year, I enjoy seeing what the emerging talent has in store for us.  With that said, enjoy a  behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to be the next it handbag designer.

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Style Diary: Marisa Minicucci

Last Friday, I crossed the border into Canada to visit the showroom of fashion designer, Marisa Minicucci.  For those you unfamiliar, Marisa is an accomplished designer in Montreal with over 30 years of experience in the world of fashion.  Her latest creation, MM (the label), is a line of high-end ready-to-wear jackets that are unlike anything I’ve seen before.   The fabrics, cuts, and detailing alone would make Karl himself blush.  Not only will these jackets make heads turn, but several can morph into completely different pieces, offering its owner a sense of versatility with the zip of a zipper or pop of a button.

With less than 24 hours to spare,  I only had time to check into my hotel room, quickly change, view the line and meet with Marisa and her daughter Anisa (who will be partnering with her mother on the line),  and film and interview an exclusive video for styleTV.   I also thought it might be fun to bring along my camera to snap some photos of my experience, therefore giving you a sneak peek of one my latest projects.


My amazing black studded loafers making their debut by one of my favorite New York shoe lines, Modern Vice.


Shades by Andrew Marc.


Shhhh-by Hotel Zero!


The perfect Fall/Winter look!




Absolutely stunning model from Paris who was our glamazon for the evening.


Every woman needs a couple of hot studs in her life, no!?


Wear it as a jacket for Fall/Winter and vest for Spring/Summer.


Have the look and feel of Chanel without breaking the bank.




Marisa & Anisa Minicucci and Moi!;)

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Style Diary: Fashion Night Out

Last Thursday marked the 3rd annual Fashion Night Out, which has turned into a global event.  Here in New York, I stepped out to show off my style, support my favorite people in the industry, and what else of course SHOP.   I had a blast checking out my friend Robin Tomas‘s brand new collection at the Anik boutique on Madison Avenue. I than strolled down to Ann Taylor to check out my mentor and great friend Mary Alice Stephenson glam 50 lucky ladies.  I happened to bump into some great friends including ABC News Anchor Sade Baderinwa, who tells me she just loves supporting Mary Alice.  Who doesn’t!?  I also happened to run into a mini me who I could not resist taking a picture of.  He’s only 10 years old and that jacket he’s wearing he designed himself.  I would love to interview him on a upcoming episode of Skyping Style!

Next it was off to Girard Perregaux to meet and chat with US Olympic Soccer player Alex Morgan.  She tells me she’s not really a glam type of girl but for Fashion Night Out she clearly wasn’t afraid to show a bit of style.  She looked stunning in a LWD!  My last stop of the evening was at the famed Henri Bendel’s to finally meet and congratulate 2012 overall Handbag Designer winners Bita and Rouzita Vahhabaghai of Ita Collection.  These woman are clearly a triple threat and I’m sure will go far with their amazing handbags and accessories.  I can’t wait to say I knew them when!  Check out some fun snapshots I took along with way.

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Zana Bayne F/W 2012 Presentation

Last week, I stopped by the Zana Bayne F/W 2012 presentation here in New York to check out some really cool leather accessories.  I wasn’t to familiar with the line but from the looks of it, it seemed as if Zana Bayne’s pieces have been featured in high gloss fashion magazines like Vogue Italia & Japan, i-D, Interview, and on famous celebs like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Ciara.  Intrigued enough from this information alone, I quickly popped in to meet with the designer herself to check out her lastest collection.  Accompanied by my photographer friend Andrew Day, he captured some great shots of the event for Stylesource.

A series of shots that greeted us as we walked into the event.

This was one my favorite pictures of the series I snapped for Instagram.  I loved the chrome accents set against the white leather.  Very chic!

Another shot I snapped for Instagram, I feel in love with this harness wheel on the wall.  It’s literally eight harnesses connected together to create this work of art.  If you look closely,  the back of each harness depicts the head of skulls resembling Dia De Lo Muertos Mexican decorations, inspiration behind much of the collection from what I’m told.   I would totally rock one of these over a simple white V-neck tee-Just saying!

Myself & designer Zana Bayne posing behind the really cool harness wheel!

A shot of myself and another photographer friend.  She was wearing one of Zana Bayne’s leather belts over this simple white dress.  Style tip: A great way to dress up an ordinary dress is to belt it!   In this instance, she went from a LWD (Little White Dress) to a peplum style with just a buckle.  Huge trend right now!

A great mix of fashion goers in the industry and supporters of the designers. Many people were even wearing her designs.  Always great to see!

We had to get a shot of these two.  I loved her metal collar necklace and this gentleman was literally covered in tattoos head-to-toe.  I would love to pick his brain and ask the meaning behind each one.

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6th Annual Handbag Designer Awards

Last week, I attended the VIP cocktail party and ceremony for the 6th Annual Handbag Designer Awards at the Time & Life building here in New York.  I really enjoy being apart of this particular project and what Emily Blumenthal, the creator behind these awards has created.  She’s not only a fairy god mother to the handbag world, but has created a platform for designers to really be seen in an industry that can sometimes be tough. Fashion for good!  Congratulations to the stunning duo behind ita Collection for taking home overall best design. Can’t wait to see you in the September issue of Instyle Magazine!  Shout out to Kenneth Cole as well for his Iconoclast award.  It was great to meet another friendly face in the world of fashion.  Check out some great shots my friend Stefano Castri took of the evening for Stylesource!

Thank you J.Hilburn and Hadleigh for dressing me for the evening.  Also, thank you to Anthony Manfredonia and Clara Kasavina (Last years winner!) for dressing my date.  BTW-Those Flowers were literally hand painted onto the dress!

It was great to catch up and chat with two women I admire most for their sense of style-Miss Emma Grady and Dawn Del Russo.

A great shot of some of Kenneth Cole’s latest creations!

MR. KC himself in the flesh!

The god father of the handbag world, Mr. Carlos Falchi! From what I hear he designed the blazer he was wearing that evening.

Emily Blumenthal and Kenneth Cole having a laugh.  I love these candid shots!

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Finalists Announced for 2012 Handbag Designer Awards

The finalists were recently announced  for the 2012 Handbag Designer Awards on  A personal congratulations from me to you!  You all had an image in mind and the confidence to create it resulting in an attraction for others to want it.  Style at it’s best if you ask me.  Good Luck and I can’t wait to meet you all at  the award ceremony June 14th.  Everyone else head over to and vote for your favorite-Click Here.

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Desigual Fall 2012 Preview

I stopped by the Desigual  preview party to check out their men’s and women’s Fall 2012 collections, but most importantly to support my friend Gabrielle Swan who was the stylist for it.  MAJOR moment for her!  If you love bold colors and patterns, you will love Desigual!  Check out some great snapshots of some of my favorite pieces.

I fell in love with this jacket-So Burberry! Even though it was women’s, if It fit me it would be mine!

Shoe lover!?

Gabrielle and I striking a pose!  Check out her Alejandro Ingelmo pumps!

One of my favorite looks she styled.  I love a mix of feminine and masculine!

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Timeless Fashion at its Finest

Last Tuesday, I was invited to Cipriani Dolci  for lunch to preview iconic Swiss watch brand Girard-Perregaux‘s latest creations and a one-on-one workshop.  Talk about luxury!  They showed me several models from both their men’s and women’s collections, for which I literally wanted to take everyone of them back to the studio with me. Here were some of my favorites.

I absolutely loved the simplicity of this watch.  Such a classic piece that could literally be worn with just about any look.  It’s also perfect for those wearers who tend to have thin wrists.

For a man who likes to show off a little!

Such detailing goes into these handheld time machines-I never knew!

Diamonds are a girls best friend! This particular watch was from the women’s series. Its case is literally encrusted with diamonds-priced for only $73,000.  WOWZA!

As I was leaving, I was asked to do a brief interview from the folks of GP talking about my experience and what the brand meant to me.  Take a look!

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