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Skyping Style: Red Carpet Hair

When it comes to looking their best on the red carpet, celebrities have their glam squads to thank for that.  As far as  you and I, well, we have to rely on ourselves.  If you’re like me and are as free as your hair, as Lady Gaga would sing it, I’m the spirit of my hair, it’s all the glory that I bare.  To help you look your best, I reached out to Celebrity Hairstylist, Deycke Heidorn, to offer up some simple inexpensive tips for you to achieve red carpet hair everyday of your life.

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Lovers of Luxury Lyubof Marusya

styleTV Correspondent, Katherine Harwood, stopped by the ShoreHam Hotel in New York City, to hangout with other admirers of luxury to view Fashion Designer, Marina Ilchenko’s, Pre-Fall 2013 Collection.   Models were looking quite noble, as they showed off fitted furs from Marusya’s latest collection, along with jewels supplied by one of my favorite New York jewelry designers, Ranjana Khan.  Marina tells us much of her inspiration for this particular collection came from the 1920’s,  more specifically a time when women felt empowered to look their absolute best, regardless of the cost.  To find out what others had to say about this new furious line, click & watch.

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Skyping Style: Holiday Trends

Today kicks off the official start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, and that means it’s time to party…in style of course.  To make sure you look your best, styleSOURCE & The Style House, have teamed up to offer some great tips for you to stay in trend all season long.  A huge thank you to Afiya Francisco for coming onto the show.  You’re welcome back anytime.  Don’t forget to tweet us your holiday pictures.  Seasons greeting!

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styleTV, ScoopNYC, WWD, and Mastercard celebrated American Fashion

styleTV Correspondent, Katherine Harwood, stopped by the Scoop NYC boutique in SoHo last Wednesday evening, to promote American fashion with Women’s Wear Daily.  Mastercard also joined in on the celebration, by offering party goers  25% off on their holiday purchases.  Food, fashion, and a discount-What’s not to love!? Especially at one of my go-to places to shop in New York City if you’re looking to avoid the crowds.

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Join Fashion’s Newest Movement!

Fashion’s newest movement is finally here and it’s called styleTV.   We’re looking for the next big names in fashion.  Have you always dreamed of interviewing your favorite celebrities on the red carpet, or mingling with the fashion elite?  If you get us the story, we’ll give you access.  Now the question is, are you in or are you out?

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Skyping Style: American Music Awards!

Golden glamazons rocked the red carpet last night at the 40th anniversary of the American Music Awards in L.A.  Both Taylor Swift and Heidi Klum received the memo, making it a trend that didn’t go unnoticed.   While some struck it rich finding themselves on best-dressed lists,  others just weren’t so lucky.  See who else made the cut, who didn’t, and check out more red carpet fashions on the latest edition of  Skyping Style with on-air host Keleigh Nealon.  Gangham Style!;)

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Is The King of Pants Ready to Rule the Throne, Yet Again?

A couple months ago while reading the New York Times style section, I stumbled upon an article that the “King of Pants,” Fashion Designer Alvin Valley was making a comeback with the relaunch of his famous name.  I wasn’t so much interested in the article, but more intrigued with the photo they had printed.  I just fell in love with it!

Celia Rogge NY Times

For those of you unfamiliar, a decade ago Mr. Valley ruled the market when it came to trousers.  Women all over couldn’t get enough of his sculpture-like pants, but unfortunately like many other designers, he ended up selling his label due to the recession.  Quickly finding himself back in business with an offer he couldn’t refuse, his acclaimed high-waisted trousers are now obtainable again, but only online.   So when I got an invitation to check out his latest collection in Los Angeles, I sent over styleTV’s LA Corespondent Amber Jaye to find out if he’s ready to rule the thrown, yet again.

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Spring into Style with Katherine Harwood

styleSOURCE and 303 Magazine have teamed up yet again to bring you some of the latest fashions when it comes to the upcoming Spring season.   styleTV’s own Katherine Harwood, spent the afternoon in SoHo playing dress up (Such a hard life!;)) with emerging designers like DEPLOYMien KieloFrancoise ElizeeFig & Bella, For Helen Love Paris, and Joan Goodman.   Katherine confirms that this Spring is not all about the typical pastels we think about when it comes to Spring fashion, but rather making a statement with bold colors and prints.  She describes the feeling of a goddess when modeling the clothes, and says the message this Spring, is all about rocking that inner superstar in all of us.  Acknowledgments: Reggo of New York Photography

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Sweaters For Your Shape

As we approach yet another cold winter season, one thing that keeps me warm are a few of my favorite sweaters.   I don’t normally enjoy spending time outdoors but when I do, you’ll most likely find me sporting a chunky wool cable knit or cowl-neck cardigan.  Along with hibernating indoors, we tend to want to hide our shape rather than show it off, but sometimes not knowing which style sweater works best for your body type can really leave you looking well, frumpy.  Yes I said FRUMPY!  So to ensure you stay warm and look your best this winter, I’ve teamed up to offer up some great styles you and your shape should embrace.

Ryan Pfluger

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We’re Hearing Fashion Designer Sarah Phillips…

Is set to relaunch her line in Greenwich, CT & New York City!  Most famously known for designing gowns for past FLOTUS’s like Hillary Clinton, she is gearing up for her official launch in January 2013. Perfect way to start a brand new year!  In other news, Hillary for 2017!?

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