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Mad Hatter

Ever since Pharrell’s hat became a household name, I’ve been on the hunt to find something like it.  A fan of both his music and style, this is one trend that I just had to imitate.  After looking all over the internet for something similar, my cart (and head) still remained empty.  However, while out and about in Williamsburg recently, I struck gold at a nearby boutique.  I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and plan to rock this look all season long.

Hat: Pork Pie Hatters, Sunglasses: Ziari (Vintage), Shirt: Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Shorts: Lanvin, Sandals: Kris Van Assche


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Harare F/W 2014

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Get the look: MR. Porter’s Global Style

I don’t like being told what to do, but when there’s a $4,000 dollar shopping spree on the line, I’ll do whatever I need to do (legally) to win it.  If you know me personally, you’re already aware that chocolate and shopping are two of my weaknesses.  If you don’t, now you do!

With that said, I was invited to enter the global style campaign taking place during the month of November by Mrporter.com.  A fan of the designers they carry, I thought I would enter the following look via Instagram showing off my personal style to the world.  I also thought it would be fun to accompany the submitted photo with a cool get the look feature, since I am in it to win it.

For those who also struggle to just say no to a little retail therapy, I’ve personally picked out some of my favorite pieces from the Mr. Porter website for you to either admire or indulge.  Now, go to my photo and vote, voTE, VOTE.  Papa needs a new coat for christmas.

Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 12.51.19 AM

Jacket: Vintage, Shirt: DKNY, Denim: DL1961, Scarf: Missoni, Hat: Bailey, Chukkas: J.D. Fisk, Watch: Valentino, Sunglasses: Armani Emporio


Hat: Lock & Co Hatters, Jacket: Balmain, Shirt: J.Crew, Boots: Mr.Hare, Scarf: Missoni


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Indian Summer

I’ve been loving lately that traces of summer seem to still be lingering here in the Northeast. With temperatures allowing us to extend the use of our summer staples just a little longer, I’m not completely ready to dive into full fall attire.  Keeping in touch with summer, yet starting to call on fall, marrying these two seasons when it comes to your look can sometimes be tricky.  A simple tip to avoid feeling completely out of season? Mix and match your accessories!  It also doesn’t hurt to keep things neutral for a seasonless touch.

Jacket: Vintage, Shirt: Phillip Lim for Target, Shorts: D by D, Socks: Timberland, Sandals: Calvin Klein Collection, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Watch: Movado, Bracelet: Kenneth Cole


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Trend Alert: Extended Stay

Rules are meant to be broken and in fashion it happens all the time. One that is under constant scrutiny is the dilemma of wearing white after Labor day.  A favorite of mine to ignore, it’s now getting its long overdue stamp of approval on the runways.  With more and more designers extending this summer favorite into their F/W collections, it looks as if white isn’t cutting its unexpected trip anytime soon.

Jacket: Nau, Cardigan: Emporio Armani, Denim: Gap, Chukkas: Clark’s, Sunglasses: Super by RETROSUPERFUTURE, Watch: Valentino


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Fall Color Trend: NY STYLE MUSTARD

Last February in New York, designers showcased a variety of colors on the runway for fall.  A front-runner, mustard was a favorite for many.  I’m very happy to be seeing the streets smeared with it this season. When it comes to wearing it, unfortunately, it’s not like black and can be overindulged head-to-toe.  To avoid looking too tangy, it’s best to pair with neutral tones like black, gray and brown.  To really stand out, marinate your look with a bold pattern.

Sweatshirt: Burkman Bros, Shirt: SLVR by Adidas, Denim: DL1961, Brogues: Dsqaured2, Sunglasses: BOSS Orange, Watch: A-LineMustardMustard1M2M5M6M7

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Boys who love bows

The bow-tie has clearly made a comeback.  More and more men (and some women) are choosing to wear it over your basic straight tie.  I personally have consumed quite the collection over the past several years. I’m particularly in love with one in my wardrobe designed by Alfred Julius  made entirely from raw denim. I get so many compliments when wearing it as it is quite unique.

Unfortunately, the summer heat has prevented me from really wanting to sport one as I like to stay comfortable and casual during the warmer seasons.  However, now that the cooler months are quickly approaching, I’m ready to bow-it-up again.  From celebrities, to athletes, to politicians, to even the ticket booth guy at my local movie theatre, they all have one thing in common-they’re boys who love bows.

Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection, Denim: Citizens of Humanity, Bow-tie: Alfred Julius, Shoes: Grenson, Briefcase: Bombata, Sunglasses: Eyebobs, Watch: Skagen







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The 10 Most GQ Summer Looks

They like me…They really really like me…Well at least GQ says they do.  They recently chose a photo of me that was submitted by my friend Mary who shot it for their “10 Most GQ Summer Looks” feature for GQ.com.  I was notified this past Saturday evening that I was was being featured on their website.  I was a bit caught off guard as it was a surprise, but a good one indeed.  I’m a huge fan of the iconic men’s magazine.  It’s always a pleasure to read and now be recognized by them and their editors.   Thanks guys for selecting me-very humbled and honored.


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Stay cool in these 6 sticky summer trends

with these simple tricks!  Have we finally beat the heat?  Believe me, I don’t mind a little humidity, but when I can barely step outside without my clothes melting off me, I can not deal.  Yes, summer can be a bit sticky at times and so can certain trends.  So to help you look your best all season long, I’ve partnered up with Hercampus.com to offer some of my favorite tricks to 6 tricky summer favorites .  Click here to learn more!


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