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Happy holidays!

I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a joyous holiday season. I’m fortunate to have been able meet and work with a lot of talented individuals throughout the year.  Thank you for all the love and support you continue to give CTMA, Stylesource and styleTV on a daily basis.  I’m looking forward to what the new year has in store.  Keeping checking back to learn about new trends, designers, tips, collaborations, partnerships, and anything fashion related.  Also, don’t forget to like us or follow us on Facebook & Twitter!


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Image + Confidence = Style

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog ,  you’ll notice a simple tagline placed underneath the heading in a mathematical form which reads- Image + Confidence = Style.   From an early age, we are taught to solve problems, and creating your own sense of style has always been difficult for some to figure out.   Before the internet, those unsure, relied on magazines to formulate trends each season to aid in the assistance of personally styling them.

Nowadays, magazines have taken the backseat, and street style websites and blogs have become the focus to attracting admirers.  You and I are now sources of inspiration through the use of simple handheld devices, and such popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  Having this new ability to showcase our own images, in such a way, that it attracts others to want to imitate it, is ultimately what today’s definition of style equates to.

With that said, Emptyeasel.com has featured Stylesource and its  tagline”Image + Confidence = Style” in a recent article.  They asked me to provide my best tip for creating the perfect tagline for an artistic business.  My response-“Keep it short. Keep it simple. And make people say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’” 


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Spring into Style with Katherine Harwood

styleSOURCE and 303 Magazine have teamed up yet again to bring you some of the latest fashions when it comes to the upcoming Spring season.   styleTV’s own Katherine Harwood, spent the afternoon in SoHo playing dress up (Such a hard life!;)) with emerging designers like DEPLOYMien KieloFrancoise ElizeeFig & Bella, For Helen Love Paris, and Joan Goodman.   Katherine confirms that this Spring is not all about the typical pastels we think about when it comes to Spring fashion, but rather making a statement with bold colors and prints.  She describes the feeling of a goddess when modeling the clothes, and says the message this Spring, is all about rocking that inner superstar in all of us.  Acknowledgments: Reggo of New York Photography

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Exclusive: Shady Lady

One thing I love about the fall season is the ability to be able to layer and show off all your great accessories.  Aside from a scarf, I absolutely am never without an attractive pair of shades.  It completes a look, if you ask me.

With that said, I thought it would be fun to pick out some of the hottest sunglasses of the season and show them off in a great editorial titled, “Shady Lady.”  I do want to shout out famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson as he did inspire this feature.  Thank you for what you contribute to the industry and all that you create.

Lastly, as we near another election, I thought it would be fun to have both candidates make a cameo since they have been working really hard on the campaign trail.  It’s all in good fun and no harm is meant by certain shots.  All I ask?  Vote for BOOBS!

Acknowledgements: Model: Voni Hayes, Photographer: Dave Ozmon (www.daveozmonphotography.com)

Disclaimer:  I the author of the content that can be found here within can assure you, the reader that any of the opinions expressed here are of my own.

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Exclusive Look: Henley Away this Fall

When it comes to Fall, I live in a Henley!  It’s such a great transitional piece and works with just about any look.  Although for some, the idea of a henley being worn at the office or to an event is just out of the question.  Think again!  I’m showing you how to wear this fun Fall staple piece in my first editorial for Stylesource titled Henley Away.

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Sunday Street Style

Earlier today,  I went for a Sunday stroll with fashion photographer Dakota Blue Harper, ambushing the most stylish people on the streets of New York to snap their photo.  Stylesource will be partnering with Dakota for a weekly street style edition we like call, “Sunday Street Style.” It will feature those who truly stand out from the rest and inspire us through their style.

On this first ever edition of Sunday Street Style, Dakota and I walked around Union Square and NYU. We couldn’t help but notice these 11 individuals who were kind enough to let us snap their photo. Thank you!  Don’t forget to stop back every Sunday to see who’s made the cut.  If you want to find out where we will be this week, LIKE my fan page on Facebook or FOLLOW me on Twitter.


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Stylesource mentioned on mo.com!

Stylesource was recently mentioned in an interview with mo.com.  I had a great time answering all the fun questions being asked, and am thankful for the team over at mo wanting to profile young entrepreneurs like me on their website in a time like this.  It’s not easy!  One of my favorite questions asked during the interview was, “Where does your passion for style and fashion come from?.”  You might be surprised by my answer, but I guarantee you’ll love it.  To find out the real reason why I love fashion, click here.

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Stylesource Featured on The Blush

Stylesource recently got its first big piece of press thanks to our friends over at The Blush.  We were included in a regular feature they like to call “How We Dress.”  This particular edition was all about their favorite style bloggers and we are so thankful to be included in this list.  To find out one of my most embarrassing moments in fashion Click Here.

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