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Sunday Street Style-Soho

This edition of Sunday Street Style features a pretty dandy dude, one chic bitch, and an all to familiar face on Stylesource.  I was excited to hang out with fashion photographer and someone I can now call a friend, Mr. Fernando Natalici.  While trying to find some of the chicest people on the streets, I got to know a little bit more about this gentleman who has hung out with fashion icons like Andy Warhol & Bill Cunningham.  Want proof???  Check out a great photo Fernando shot of Mr. Warhol and read the great story behind it.  Honored to have had him with me! To find out where I might be hanging out next, Like on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Great shot of Andy!

Story behind it:

How I met Andy Warhol in 1978:  It was at the end of a fashion show at Halston’s showroom, Olympic Tower, 51st and 5th.  Andy always took black and white photos of fashion shows and the guests (Liza, Liz Taylor, other celebs) with a point-and-shoot cam., for his Interview Magazine and portraits.

When I asked him if I could take his pic., he said it will be ok if he could take my picture as well… So, why not.. I let Andy take my pic… Next: I take his pic, 2 shots. He notices that I was using the same type of camera he was using, so after I am done with his photo he proposes that we exchange cameras!!  so I keep his images, and he keeps what I shot, including the shots I just took of him.  A veteran trickster as Andy, I thought, the camera probably had run out of film, and I was more interested in his photos than mine, I had to say no…

Until today, I think what would have happened if I swapped cameras with the great snaperazzi of the 80’s, and then took his photos again… He probably thought I was either very smart or very stupid… Anyway, I have the shots, which are black and white, and as a tribute I decided to hand paint it on a simlar style as his, it took part of many gallery exhibits, and up to now, I make limited edition 16″x20″ prints of the same image available to collectors.  I think also that one of Andy’s great qualities was his humbleness and  the way he was so approachable.

He was the one to tell me which was the best word for a person to say slow, while being photographed… to give the most pleasing result… Guess what.. I didn’t forget.. MONTANA!

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Sunday Street Style-Meatpacking District

This week’s Sunday Street Style was shot in the Meatpacking District, one of New York’s most fashionable neighborhoods.  Dakota and I thought we would find someone to shoot around every street corner, but to our dismay we were left with only the lucky numer 7.  We even got luckier as we spotted Supermodel Coco Rocha who struck a famous pose for us.  Thank you Coco!!!  We’re estatic to have you apart of this week’s edition.  To find out where we will be shooting next week, press the LIKE button on Facebook or FOLLOW on Twitter.

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Sunday Street Style-Boerum Hill

This week’s edition of Sunday Street Style was shot around the hip streets of Boerum Hill in Brooklyn.  A place known to attract the creative at heart, including famous names like the late Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams, Sandra Oh, and Keri Russell, Street Style Photographer Dakota Harper set out to find 5 really cool hipsters.  Find out where we will be this week by pressing the LIKE button on Facebook or FOLLOW on Twitter!



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Sunday Street Style

Earlier today,  I went for a Sunday stroll with fashion photographer Dakota Blue Harper, ambushing the most stylish people on the streets of New York to snap their photo.  Stylesource will be partnering with Dakota for a weekly street style edition we like call, “Sunday Street Style.” It will feature those who truly stand out from the rest and inspire us through their style.

On this first ever edition of Sunday Street Style, Dakota and I walked around Union Square and NYU. We couldn’t help but notice these 11 individuals who were kind enough to let us snap their photo. Thank you!  Don’t forget to stop back every Sunday to see who’s made the cut.  If you want to find out where we will be this week, LIKE my fan page on Facebook or FOLLOW me on Twitter.


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