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#selfies: Narcissistic or genius?

The term “selfie” seems a bit narcissistic if you ask me, but everyone seems to be doing it these days, even celebrities.  So when I started noticing the trend take over my social media feeds, I had to ask myself one question, “Do I partake or stray away?

After doing some further research, I quickly realized that those snapping these candid, yet sometimes a bit awkward shots, had enormous followings into the hundreds of thousands, mainly on Instagram.  To add to this, these types of self-exploited portraits were attracting the likes of thousands of admirers around the globe. As my sister quickly explained, “These are the type shots people love to see!

So to test the waters, I decided to post my first #selfie.  Within seconds, I found my phone vibrating with excitement letting me know they like you, they really really like you.  With my sister being right, I’m curious to know why this type of photo has become so popular.

Younger women have become the biggest supporter of snapping selfies,  leaving brands scrambling to profit from them.  Selfie style contests, are just one type of marketing tool they are using to gain great amounts of exposure, with little to no cost to them.  In some cases, making unknowns known overnight.

Genius?…Possibly!…Narcissistic?…A little!  Ultimately, time will tell if this is just another fad or an amazing tool for designers to use.  Until then, I’m getting my #selfie on.  Cheese!;)


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Giveaway: Avery Jacket

Another week has flown by and that means another giveaway.  Head over to right now and comment to enter to win the Avery by MM: Minicucci X Marcanio.  It’s the perfect jacket for Spring!


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styleTV’s Grant Harris featured in the Washingtonian

styleTV’s DC Correspondent Grant Harris, was recently featured in the April Issue of the Washingtonian as one of their favorite style reporters.  His hugely popular mens fashion blog Image Granted,  has created buzz with CNN, Time, WSJ, and Men’s Health.  More importantly, he hosted a recent styleTV segment and spoke with Neil Blumenthal, the CEO of up-and-coming eyewear brand Warby Parker.  If you happened to miss it, click here.  A huge congrats to Grant on all his recent success with his blog.  Looking good!



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Giveaway: McCarthy Bag

TGIF!  Now that we’ve gotten through another week, it’s time to have a little fun.  What not a better way to start off the weekend then with a great giveaway!?  If you’ve been on the hunt for a new spring it bag, head over to right now and leave a comment.  They’re giving away a signature McCarthy by one of my new favorite handbag designers, Wendy McMonigle.  Don’t miss out!

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Splurge-Worthy: Alex Jacket

Although it might officially be spring, it doesn’t always feel like it from the get go.  To ensure you’re not left out in the cold without the proper attire, it’s important to be spring ready at all times.  Versatile pieces are key for those unpredictable days.  A jacket is no exception, and the Alex jacket by MM: Minicucci x Marcanio is totally worth the splurge.  It’s not only the perfect springtime jacket to sport around town, but it transforms into an edgy vest for those long-awaited warmer days-in a zip.   What more can you ask for?  How about 14 more spring ready jackets hand picked by the editors over at Bangstyle!

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Slither into Style this Spring

As we slither into the spring weather we’ve all so anxiously been waiting for, I can’t help but notice the streets of New York starting to bloom with vibrant colors and bold patterns.  Shedding our winter looks, it seems like everyone is more than ready to show off the latest seasons trends.  Speaking of trends, you can count on seeing lots of is snakeskin print.  It was a favorite amongst many designers collections, and is a great way to give a pop to any dull or boring look.   Accessories magazine agrees and put together some of their favorite finds including the Chelsea tote by WM Design House.

snake Studio Session-148

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Spotted! Alica Quarles x MM: Minicucci x Marcanio

What do E! Entertainment Correspondent Alica Quarles, Hollywood Actor Ryan Gosling and famed Fashion Photographer Terry Richardson  have in common?  They were all recently seen on the red carpet at the premiere of  The Place Beyond the Pines in New York.   More importantly, Alica Quarles was spotted rocking the Alex jacket by MM: Minicucci x Marcanio, a haute new line that has recently expanded here to the US from Canada.



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Image + Confidence = Style

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog ,  you’ll notice a simple tagline placed underneath the heading in a mathematical form which reads- Image + Confidence = Style.   From an early age, we are taught to solve problems, and creating your own sense of style has always been difficult for some to figure out.   Before the internet, those unsure, relied on magazines to formulate trends each season to aid in the assistance of personally styling them.

Nowadays, magazines have taken the backseat, and street style websites and blogs have become the focus to attracting admirers.  You and I are now sources of inspiration through the use of simple handheld devices, and such popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  Having this new ability to showcase our own images, in such a way, that it attracts others to want to imitate it, is ultimately what today’s definition of style equates to.

With that said, has featured Stylesource and its  tagline”Image + Confidence = Style” in a recent article.  They asked me to provide my best tip for creating the perfect tagline for an artistic business.  My response-“Keep it short. Keep it simple. And make people say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’” 


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