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8th Annual Indepdendent Handbag Designer Awards

With less than a week away, the preliminary judging panel will be meeting here in New York this coming Sunday to determine finalists for the 8th Annual IHDA (Independent Handbag Designer Awards).  I’m happy to report that I will be on the panel this year, yet again.  I can not wait to see what designers have in-store for us. Along with discovering new names, what tends to really excite me are those who create beautifully crafted bags that bring originality to the market.  If you haven’t entered, there’s still time to apply.  Curious to see which bags standout?  Follow the #HandbagAwards, myself and the others via Instagram & Twitter to stay up-to-date.


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#Mylatestobsession-MLFW Looks

And they’re off!  Designers have begun to show F/W 2014 collections with the men up first.  #MLFW was one of the hashtags vying for my attention the past couple days via Twitter.  As I clicked away checking out what’s in store for next fall, I couldn’t help but become obsessed with the following looks that strutted down the runway.   From Burberry Prorsum to Diesel Black Gold,  I saw me in each one-LITERALLY!

MLFWLooks(Photos Courtesy of Style.com)

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Public School Announcement

Every year, a who’s who in the world of fashion (and a celebrity or two or three) gathers in New York to acknowledge those who are truly setting the trends for the CFDA Awards.  For those unfamiliar, CFDA stands for Council of Fashion Designer of America which was created as a not-for-profit to aid in the development of American fashion as a global industry.  Founded in 1962 by Eleanor Lambert, her vision once a mere prediction, is now celebrated globally.  OK, enough of the history lesson!

Speaking of celebrating,  Monday evenings event brought out a slew of designers both nominated and supporting.  Winners included front runners like Proenza Schouler, Thom Browne and Pamela Love.  More importantly, what was so exciting for me to find out was that Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell, who literally could be Maxwell’s twin brother (the singer), of Public School, won for the Menswear category by Swarovski.   An unlikely win, many took to their Twitter accounts to show their support.  With only 140-characters to spare, the love was in the Twittersphere for these two.

Started in 2008, these boys continue to add a fresh take to the tailored look with the streets as their inspiration. Made in New York, most of their production is produced right here in the Garment District.  Now a member of the CFDA with their recent win, it looks like Public School could become Ivy League.  Congratulations guys!

0,,20689921_20705967_21341156,00                              (Picture Courtesy of Instyle)


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Image + Confidence = Style

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog ,  you’ll notice a simple tagline placed underneath the heading in a mathematical form which reads- Image + Confidence = Style.   From an early age, we are taught to solve problems, and creating your own sense of style has always been difficult for some to figure out.   Before the internet, those unsure, relied on magazines to formulate trends each season to aid in the assistance of personally styling them.

Nowadays, magazines have taken the backseat, and street style websites and blogs have become the focus to attracting admirers.  You and I are now sources of inspiration through the use of simple handheld devices, and such popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  Having this new ability to showcase our own images, in such a way, that it attracts others to want to imitate it, is ultimately what today’s definition of style equates to.

With that said, Emptyeasel.com has featured Stylesource and its  tagline”Image + Confidence = Style” in a recent article.  They asked me to provide my best tip for creating the perfect tagline for an artistic business.  My response-“Keep it short. Keep it simple. And make people say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’” 


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Saturday Morning Social Shout Out!

With social media the newest form of getting up-to-date news on what’s happening in the world,  I thought it might be fun to scour my Twitter feed on Saturday morning retweeting anything and everything standing out from the rest.  In fashion, we call these types of people trendsetters and on Twitter they’re called Tweetsetters, so I’m told.  With that said, this Saturday morning’s edition includes not only some very stylish group of dare devils, but a famous R & B singer giving us a glimpse into her latest creation, and a fashion brand helping us all get back to work with a little bit of style.

1.  @China_Chow tweets: “Hey boys! Pay attention! Gotta Love Bill “@nytimesfashion: Bill Cunningham reports on the latest in men’s fashion.”

2.  @Sartorialist tweets: “If You’re Still Thinking About……. Denim on Denim.”

3.  @Alice_Oliva tweets: Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist!”

4.  @Michael_Polish tweets: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” -Walt Disney

5.  @Alicakeys tweets: “#AK GirlOnFire track listing looks like this!!!! Ahhh!!!! I can’t wait for you to hear these songs! #SoProud “

6.  @TeenVogue tweets: “I look for someone unique, not a derivative of another designer. – Grace Coddington on what she looks for in emerging talent#FashionU

7.  @Juneambrose tweets: “It has your name written all over it! RT @StephEHorton: Love this babe @juneAmbrose….juneambrose’s photo

8.  @Bananarepublic tweets: “Thru Sunday: Save 25% & we’ll donate up to $500k to @JobsforUSAto create & sustain jobs in America.”

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