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8th Annual Indepdendent Handbag Designer Awards

With less than a week away, the preliminary judging panel will be meeting here in New York this coming Sunday to determine finalists for the 8th Annual IHDA (Independent Handbag Designer Awards).  I’m happy to report that I will be on the panel this year, yet again.  I can not wait to see what designers have in-store for us. Along with discovering new names, what tends to really excite me are those who create beautifully crafted bags that bring originality to the market.  If you haven’t entered, there’s still time to apply.  Curious to see which bags standout?  Follow the #HandbagAwards, myself and the others via Instagram & Twitter to stay up-to-date.


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#Thisisglam-Banana Republic

I paid a visit to one of Banana Republic’s stores this past weekend for a little retail therapy.  Upon entering their men’s store, my eyes quickly focused in on a army green colored hat and subtle camo-print sweater. To my surprise, the promotional offer they were running allowed me 40% off each item.  Quickly jetting off to a fitting room, I was asked by one of the associates to snap a photo of myself via Instagram and hashtag it with #thisisglam to enter in a chance to win a $500 gift card.  A fan of the #selfie movement, I was happy to oblige.  I thought I would also share this cool contest BR is doing all month long with you all.  They are giving away five $500 shopping sprees to one of their stores or online.  To learn more, click here!

Hat & Sweater: Banana Republic, Pants: American Apparel, Scarf: Missoni, Boots: Adidas Y-3, Sunglasses: Ray-ban


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New kids on the block

The front rows at #NYFW were filled with a who’s who in both the worlds of film and fashion.  However, it seemed as though those getting all the attention stood at just a little under 4-feet.  From celebrity offspring to Youtube sensations, these tiny tots were setting the trends both in and around the tents.  Not to mention, they were doing it all while still in diapers.

Familiar faces included Skyler Zoe and Harper Backham.  There last names alone entitle them a hopper pass directly to the front row.  Both having famous mother’s turned designers, I have a feeling their first words weren’t exactly mom or dad, but rather Donatella and Karl.

Alexander Wang has created quite the empire for himself, and his niece Aila is following in her uncle’s footsteps.  Recently named Fashion’s Most Stylish Niece by Intyle, she’s snapped by street style photographers wearing only top designer names like custom Chanel and Balenciaga.  Wang is also getting in on all of his niece’s recent attention, by putting her in pieces that give hints to what he might be showing on the runway for the upcoming season.  I’m not sure if I would consider this child labor…hmm.

Thanks to the recent digital explosion, fashion’s focus has shifted from the runways to the streets, allowing for ordinary people to become muses overnight.  This is so for 5-year-old Alonso Matteo. Sporting names like Dior, Gucci and my Tommy (Tom Ford that is), he has proven to be quite the hit with photographers, bloggers and now designers.  Rumor has it, he could be starring in a ad campaign with a major label soon.  He also has quite the following, with a little over 54k fans on Instagram.  Wow, that’s a lot of troupies!

At just 13-years-old, Sam Horowitz, aka Bar Mitzvah Boy, shows off his latest moves in a hugely popular Youtube video that lands him on major shows like Good Morning America and Ellen.  We also learn he has a passion for fashion, which he is spotted showing off his wild side in a hip leopard print tuxedo style jacket and python printed loafers at the Helmut Lang show.

Move over Anna, it seems these kids are looking to take over your block, and I have a hunch they’re not going to play nicely.


Pictures Courtesy of AP

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#selfies: Narcissistic or genius?

The term “selfie” seems a bit narcissistic if you ask me, but everyone seems to be doing it these days, even celebrities.  So when I started noticing the trend take over my social media feeds, I had to ask myself one question, “Do I partake or stray away?

After doing some further research, I quickly realized that those snapping these candid, yet sometimes a bit awkward shots, had enormous followings into the hundreds of thousands, mainly on Instagram.  To add to this, these types of self-exploited portraits were attracting the likes of thousands of admirers around the globe. As my sister quickly explained, “These are the type shots people love to see!

So to test the waters, I decided to post my first #selfie.  Within seconds, I found my phone vibrating with excitement letting me know they like you, they really really like you.  With my sister being right, I’m curious to know why this type of photo has become so popular.

Younger women have become the biggest supporter of snapping selfies,  leaving brands scrambling to profit from them.  Selfie style contests, are just one type of marketing tool they are using to gain great amounts of exposure, with little to no cost to them.  In some cases, making unknowns known overnight.

Genius?…Possibly!…Narcissistic?…A little!  Ultimately, time will tell if this is just another fad or an amazing tool for designers to use.  Until then, I’m getting my #selfie on.  Cheese!;)


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Image + Confidence = Style

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog ,  you’ll notice a simple tagline placed underneath the heading in a mathematical form which reads- Image + Confidence = Style.   From an early age, we are taught to solve problems, and creating your own sense of style has always been difficult for some to figure out.   Before the internet, those unsure, relied on magazines to formulate trends each season to aid in the assistance of personally styling them.

Nowadays, magazines have taken the backseat, and street style websites and blogs have become the focus to attracting admirers.  You and I are now sources of inspiration through the use of simple handheld devices, and such popular social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.  Having this new ability to showcase our own images, in such a way, that it attracts others to want to imitate it, is ultimately what today’s definition of style equates to.

With that said, Emptyeasel.com has featured Stylesource and its  tagline”Image + Confidence = Style” in a recent article.  They asked me to provide my best tip for creating the perfect tagline for an artistic business.  My response-“Keep it short. Keep it simple. And make people say, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?!’” 


Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 12.20.10 AM

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