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Consult your way through fashion

Among my many titles, Fashion Consultant is one.  For those that ask, what exactly is a fashion consultant?  It can have different meanings for different people.  As for me, I consult for both individuals and designers.   Most recently, I’ve created the Colin T. McDonald Agency which consists of giving direction to emerging & well-known brands, when it comes to ad campaigns, look books, website marketing, etc.  For those interested in learning how to get started-click here!


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start with dressing for success

With New York Fashion Week just days away,  many newcomers to the industry are just dying to get a glimpse of some of their favorite designers latest creations.  Unfortunately, if you don’t have the golden ticket, your chances of getting past security are slim to none.  For those that just can’t stay away, I suggest volunteering backstage.  It’s the perfect way to really see the collections up close and personal.  Better than sitting in the show (if you ask me)!  It’s also a great way to gain first-hand experience if you’re unsure of what you really want to do within fashion.  To get you started, myself and Emmy-winning stylist, David Zyla were asked to offer up some responsibilities of this menial, yet so important job by the The Houston Chronicle.  To find what we had to say-click here!

fashionx-large© Zack Seckler/CORBIS/Corbis


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Jack Evan’s Style


Sundance is in full swing and that mean’s celeb style sightings galore in Park City, Utah.   One of my favorite actresses, Evan Rachel Wood, was recently seen at Variety Studio in a full on black ensemble. I assume she was trying to maybe conceal her new baby bump.  Anywho, I particularly liked her style choice of  jacket she was wearing.  It reminded me of the Alice Jacket by the MM: Minicucci X Marcanio label.  One of my new favorite lines BTW!  Both are similar in that they really livin up your everyday dress blazer.  Perfect for those day-to-evening looks!




Photo Credit: Getty

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styleTV Wants you to be a member

For the first run EVER, styleTV will be on the scene this New York Fashion Week covering shows and events all week long.  Our eager Style Corespondents are just dying to talk with their favorite designers and celebrities.  If you would love for us stop by, please email all requests to  Speaking of favorite designers & celebrities, if fashion is your passion, and you want to be on the front lines this #NYFW covering all the major events, please also contact us.  We’re looking for several more correspondents, photographers and videographers to help out.  Have your work scene by some of the top people in the industry!


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Keep a Watch Out for the House of Horology

styleTV Correspondent, Keleigh Nealon, stopped by the brand new House of Horology boutique on Prince St., in New York City, to speak with designer Lawrence about what really goes into making these stylish, yet affordable timepieces.  After explaining to us there just wasn’t anything out there that fit his needs, he took it upon himself to create his very own line of watches, which can now be bought in-store and online.  To even make you fall more in love, the House of Horology helps out by giving back to various charities like Art Start & Stoked, in their quest for wanting to feel connected to the community.   Stylish watches, at affordable prices, AND they give back.  #Fashion4good…Count me in!  To find out more, click & watch!

Acknowledgments: George Evan

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Skyping Style: 2013 Golden Globes

The red carpet this past Sunday for the 70th annual Golden Globes held in Los Angeles, California, was on fire with leading ladies of both the small & big screens showing off some of their best assets . While few choosing to show off a leg or two, others didn’t feel it was right to leg up the woman who started the whole trend (Mrs. Jolie,) and opted to start their own by showing off a similar body part such as their back or stomach.

There were even several actresses who went completely nude.  Well not literally nude!  They choose to go with a nude colored dress.  Other big color trends of the evening included red, black and gold.

Although some weren’t afraid to show it off, others decided to keep it covered up due to the unexpected chilly weather.  All and all, it was a great red carpet to watch.  Some hit the jackpot, others didn’t when it came to THE dress.   To find out who were some of my hit & misses, you’re going to have to watch the latest episode of Skyping Style with my red carpet ready co-host, Miss Keleigh Nealon.


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2012 Fashion trends to ring in and fling for 2013

For those of you who have already tossed your New Year’s resolution out the window, as we continue to celebrate yet another year, there are some fashion trends Shape Magazine & I want you to keep in your closet for 2013.  For instance, if you’ve been sporting your favorite tailored blazer in a bold color or print to the office all season long, and just can’t seem to part with it for 2013.  Good news!  You don’t have too, because it’s a trend that we want you to embrace again this year.  On the other hand, if you’ve felt the need to show your love & affection towards your pet by wearing them on your sweater this past year, we’re asking that you please refrain from this trend, as I’m sure Buster doesn’t mind you keep it, but we feel it’s time to put it to rest.  To find out more fashion trends  from 2012 you need to keep and toss for 2013, Click here.

12:13 trends

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Style Advice-Tom’s Threads Trouble

The following question recently popped in my inbox from Tom.  Instead of responding to him personally, I thought it might fun to reply to his email on my blog, since I’m sure he’s not the only guy in need of a little style advice.   I would also like to give YOU an opportunity to chime in with your own opinion.  How would you style Tom for his one-year wedding anniversary?

Tom’s Email:
“Hi Colin

It’s Tom here, I was paired with you on that bizarre fashion in NY commercial organized by Kendall Jackson. Hope you had a fantastic time over the holidays!

I have a random fashion question for you. My 1st wedding anniversary is coming up and to celebrate myself and my wife are going back to Australia for a week’s holiday in March. During this time we are going to have a “wedding jamboree” party in celebration of our first anniversary.

The dress code for the party is semi-casual. I am really keen to find a suit similar to the one Brad Pitt is wearing in this photo – 

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 10.26.57 PM
On the day I hope to wear on open white shirt and dark shoes like Brad in the photo along with the suit. I have looked everywhere on the net and some stores yet I’ve had no luck in finding something similar. I appreciate this suit is probably out of season by now but any suggestions you have of where I can find something similar would be most appreciated. In particular, I’m a fan of the color and cut of the suit and would consider getting something tailored if I needed to. 
May 2013 be a year of personal and professional triumphs for you!
“Hi Tom-

Thanks for your wonderful email, happy New Year to you, too, and congrats on your one-year wedding anniversary coming up in March.

When deciding on what attire to wear to a destination wedding,  two questions you need to ask yourself:  What will the weather be like? And, what’s the dress code entail?

As you’ve noted, the event will take place in Australia in March. Temperatures tend to be on the warmer side that time of year, so you want to make sure you’re choosing pieces with lightweight breathable fabrics.  For example, try and stick to materials like linen, cotton and silk, or similar blends that incorporate the following textiles.

You’ve also brought to my attention, the style of the event will hold a semi-casual type of atmosphere. So you don’t necessarily have to worry about the finer details , per say. However, adding a pocket-square or fun pair of cuff links to your look helps you stand out even more.

As far as your suit, you’re on the right track.  I love the color choice you’ve picked out.  My suggestion if you can’t find that exact shade, would be to go a little lighter with a more pastel blue.  I also suggest maybe going to with a warmer color, for example a pastel peachy shade.   If all else fails, stick with khaki!

When it comes to style, I like how you’ve chosen a suit with a larger lapel.  Since you tend to be on the leaner side, this will give the illusion of  a broader chest and shoulders.  

A classic white button-down shirt is playing it a bit safe, in my opinion.  A suggestion to help show off a bit of your personality is to go with a bold pattern like gingham or stripes.

Keep the pants fitted.  Cuff them to give a pop of ankle.  Don’t be afraid to show them off!

I’m not a huge fan of the black dress shoes with this particular suit.  Something about it just doesn’t look right to me.   My suggestion, since this is a more casual style event, stick to a classic tennis shoe in white or similar color.   Also, some of my other favorites include a classic style slip-on loafer or chukkas. If you’re planning to be on a beach, a classic style sandal will work just fine.

No need for a tie or bow-tie, however, I do suggest a pocket square in a bold color or pattern.  It will add a really nice touch, bringing the look together.  A substitute is a fun ribbon-style belt, if you’re not feeling the pocket square.  Start with one of my new favorite brands, Metro Retro.  You’ll fall in love!

You also want to think about sunglasses as the sun will most likely be shining.  Stick with a classic style aviator or wayfarer.  Also, remember what I told you the last time we met.  You have to act the part. A haute pair of shades will totally have you feeling like Brad Pitt on your special day.

As for styling, to keep it semi-casual, tuck the shirt, unbutton the collar, and pop the lapel.  For a really casual look, cuff the sleeves.  No more than 3 buttons! Keep in the mind, the more buttons you unbutton, the more casual the look becomes.

Stores are starting to roll out Spring merchandise as we speak, so you will start to see a greater selection.  I do know you’re a fan of the vintage look.  A great suggestion, would be to ask around at your local shops to see what type of suits they have available for you to try.  If you absolutely love it, but it just doesn’t fit right, there’s nothing a great tailor can’t fix.   I don’t suggest buying online when it does comes to a suit, as you really need to be able to physically try them on since they can range in fit when it comes to different designer names.  Lastly, don’t forget, UK & Europe designers tend to run slightly smaller than US names.

BTW-I’ve created this cool inspiration board you can print out and take with you while you shop.  This should make things a lot easier for you.  Style guide on-the-go!

Tom final

I hope I was able to shed some light.  Don’t forget to send me a picture when you’ve found the perfect look.  I want to see if you took my advice.;)

Good Luck!


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Boycott Valentine’s Day the Ru-ight Way

If you’re like me and plan to boycott Valentine’s Day this year, again.  Instead of sitting home alone, ordering in some chinese food, and watching a re-run of Sleepless in Seattle, why not indulge yourself with a little retail therapy.  No, not on your secret crush. On you!  Hey, as Rupaul would tell you, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love someone else.”  Can I get an AMEN!?

To even get you started, one of my new favorite magazine’s in the southern most part of Florida, where things really heat up, South Florida luxury Guide, has some amazing gift ideas in their January/February Issue.  They even included some of my favorite designers like John Varvatos, Christian Dior,  Sarah Phillips , and Liza Jayne.   Now go shop and LOVE yourself!;)

If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?! -RuPaul© Peter Emmerich

Art of Peter Emmerich

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First Lady Fashion

Monday, January 21st, marks a second inauguration for President Barack Obama, which will be held in Washington, DC.  Along with the official swearing in, the president and first lady will be attending a variety of galas throughout the evening.  Although the focus might be on Barack when it comes to politics, many of us, in the world of fashion, will be dying to know who Michelle will decide to wear. Will it be a designer we’ve come to know and love?  Or, will she make the decision to choose an emerging name, ultimately turning them into the new ”it” designer, as she did with Jason Wu.

As I take a look back at some of my favorite FLOTUS’s fashion from past years, my friends over at DC Modern Luxury were interested in finding out, when exactly does a designer become successful after they’re worn by a first lady.  Is it as easy as Wu makes it look?  Sarah Phillips, the designer behind Hillary Clinton’s first inaugural gown, who has recently relaunched a atelier style-line under the name Sarah Phillips New York, tells the magazine, although it was a great honor to have been chosen, she wasn’t going to allow it to dicate the rest of her career.  So I guess the question is, is dressing the first lady enough to be called a great designer?

First Lady Fashion

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