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Winter Blues

Feeling a bit blue lately?  The runways were full of it last February showing off every single shade under the cool sky.  I particularly love seeing it in stores this season since it is one of my favorite colors to wear besides red. Despite what some critics might say, I’m not afraid to layer several different shades on top of each other, and it seems designers weren’t either.  To break it up, mix in a pop of print or block it with another bold color.

Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Scarf: Fratelli Talli for Bloomingdale’s, Vest: Brooks Brothers, Jacket: J.Hilburn, Sweater: Appalatch, Shirt: Desigual, Chinos: Calvin Klein, High-tops: Salvatore Ferragamo, Tote: 3.1 Phillip Lim


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Opposites Attract

The perfect mix, black & white have played a huge part of designers collections for decades.  Chanel, Calvin Klein and Dior are just a few names that have set trends with this color combo.  Now, pretty much apart of their DNA and many others, it continues to show up on the runways season after season.  Some may argue those who tend to embrace it are just playing it safe.  I myself was never a fan until recently.  If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been wearing it like crazy.   I’m not sure if my style has evolved to this or a phase I may be going through.  What I can I tell you, is that I’ve been loving how designers have been showing it for the past couple seasons.  From stripes, to leather, to the pairing with neons and metallics, I simply just can’t get enough.

Cardigan: Club Monaco, Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection, Sweatpants: H&M, High Tops: Nike, Envelope Clutch: Rafe, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Watch: Phosphor

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Hommenable Mention: 2013 Emmy’s

Aside from the women, there were several fearless gentlemen on last night’s red carpet who decided to ditch their basic black tux for something a little more unconventional.   Whether to stand out, appear younger, or possibly bring them luck, they all deserve an hommenable mention for taking a risk that didn’t go unnoticed.  Having paid off, it’s great to see more and more actors stepping outside their comfort not just on screen, but off it as well.

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 1.35.40 AM Images courtesy of Getty

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10 on top: 2013 Emmy’s

Last night’s red carpet at the Emmy Awards was filled with a slew of sleek looking leading ladies.  Many of whom decided to keep to simple, rather than over due it.  Some even went for a toned down look when it came to their hair & make-up.  Surprisingly, you might have thought all of this understatedness would have made for a pretty boring carpet.  However, less is more has always been a motto of mine, and these 10 actresses deserved a nod for perfecting one of my favorite rules in fashion.

Cool colors also dominated the evening, with blue seeming to be most popular choice.  Other trends included fall favorites like black & White, lady-like lace and graphic prints.

Pictures courtesy of Wire Image & Getty











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Moon Man

I have to admit I love anything shiny.  So when I saw these high-tops by Dsquared on sale, I decided to splurge a little.  A bit over-the-top?  I know!  It’s what makes me worship them even more.  Can I just tell you?  The first time trying them on, I felt like I was a superhero ready to report to duty.  Blast off!

Metallics are huge this season.  It’s great to see everything from shoes, to clothing, to accessories taking on this lustrous look.  If your wardrobe’s feeling a bit dull or boring, this is a great trend to give it a pop.  It’s fun, will most certainly grab the attention of those around you, and is a perfect conversation starter.

Sneakers & Shorts: Dsquared2, Shirt: Calvin Klein, Tote: Lacoste, Sunglasses: Super, Watch: Nixon, Hat: New Era 






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Skyping Style: 2013 Golden Globes

The red carpet this past Sunday for the 70th annual Golden Globes held in Los Angeles, California, was on fire with leading ladies of both the small & big screens showing off some of their best assets . While few choosing to show off a leg or two, others didn’t feel it was right to leg up the woman who started the whole trend (Mrs. Jolie,) and opted to start their own by showing off a similar body part such as their back or stomach.

There were even several actresses who went completely nude.  Well not literally nude!  They choose to go with a nude colored dress.  Other big color trends of the evening included red, black and gold.

Although some weren’t afraid to show it off, others decided to keep it covered up due to the unexpected chilly weather.  All and all, it was a great red carpet to watch.  Some hit the jackpot, others didn’t when it came to THE dress.   To find out who were some of my hit & misses, you’re going to have to watch the latest episode of Skyping Style with my red carpet ready co-host, Miss Keleigh Nealon.


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Talking Fashion with Billy Baldwin

Last month, I stopped by The Maritime Hotel in New York City to catch up with Hollywood Actor Billy Baldwin.  What a treat!   It seems he’s recently joined forces with Swiss luxury watch maker Alpina to be the face of their new line of Diver watches.  I’ve always been a fan of the Baldwin brother’s so to have an opportunity to interview one was a check off my bucket list-haha.  Hesitate at first, Billy quickly opened up to tell us about his latest venture with Alpina, some qualities he looks for when finding that perfect watch, and letting us in on who his favorite designers are when on the red carpet.  This and more was captured by my amazing sidekick Andrew Day.

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