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Foolproof Your Way to a Better Look

There are always those days when nothing seems to work out like you plan, and looking your best just isn’t in the cards.  We all have ’em!  The question is thou, “What can we easily do to prevent these days from ever happening?” A trench will do the trick this Fall, and is a perfect way to add shape and structure to any casual look.  Belt it for added curves and to bring attention to the smallest part of the body, your waist.  Fashion Designer Sarah Phillips offers this with her classic black trench.  For more great foolproof tips by myself and other experts, click here!

(Sarah Phillips New York, Classic Black Trench, $3000.00)

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Rewards and Benefits of Being a Fashion Designer

Ever wondered what the rewards and benefits are for being a Fashion Designer?  Sarah Phillips, who’s had the pleasure of designing gowns for first ladies like Hillary Rodam Clinton explains, “A great benefit is being able to travel overseas for work and experience the beauty of these countries, along with their amazing food.”  For more great benefits & rewards, Click here.


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What it Really Takes to be a Fashion Stylist

Always dreamed of being a fashion stylist but unsure of where to start your career?  Are you looking to style the pages of top fashion magazines, or famous faces on the set of Hollywood’s biggest hits?  I teamed up with Houston’s #1 newspaper The Chronicle, to talk about the many different ways you can break into this very tough business.  If you think it’s like what you see on TV, think again!  For some great career advice, Click here !

(Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images)

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Skyping Style: The Emmy’s!

Last night at the Emmy’s,  the red carpet was haute haute HAUTE (if you ask me)!  Many Hollywood actresses werked the runway in some of the best looks I’ve seen in a longtime.  On the other hand, my co-host Keleigh Nealon, TV Anchor of iPad’s #1 News app The Daily, thought otherwise.  She felt it left her a bit bored with some actresses just playing it way to safe.  With so much to talk about, I invited Keleigh to be a guest on a special edition of Skyping Style to dish her hits & misses and favorite trends of the evening.  To find out who made MY best dressed list?  You’ll have to watch!

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Six Sigma Essentials

A new school year is in full swing and that means new trends for you to show off.  Along with all the season’s must-haves, there are a couple essentials very college girl should have in her wardrobe.  I’ve teamed up with the #1 college fashion website Hercampus to give you my picks on what are an ESSENTIAL for your wardrobe this year.  To find to out, click here!

(Kendall and Kylie Jenner for September Issue of Seventeen)

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Transition with Summer this Fall

With the official end of summer just a couple days away and fall on the horizon, many us just aren’t ready to part with some of our dog day favorites.  Good news, you don’t have to!  Even better, and I are showing you how to transition your summertime treasures into your fall favorites with some simple and easy tips.  As for me, I loved wearing my colored denim all summer long.  So for Fall, I’m still going to wear it, but instead of pairing it with similar colors, I’m going to sport them with neutrals like black, tan, and navy.  For more great tips, click here.

(Photo courtesy of J.Crew)

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Style Advice: How to Get Working as a Fashion Stylist

Any advice on becoming a fashion stylist?  I’m asked this question a lot and what I can say is be ready to work.  It’s not all runways, red carpets, and rad parties!  When starting out, you must be willing to work long hours and sacrifice certain things in your to life to get where you want to be.  For more tips, check out a recent article I commented on for The Houston Chronicle!

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Style Advice: Casual vs.Sloppy

When it comes to dressing casual it’s all about knowing how to balance out a look with the appropriate pieces.  You need to understand that dressing casual doesn’t mean throwing on your favorite pair of your sweatpants & tee.  It’s called loungewear for a reason and is just down right sloppy if you ask me.  One great tip to keep in mind  is know what works for your body type.  If the fit is off  it won’t look right giving off a disheveled look.   For more tips from myself and other experts at Beautyriot, Click here.

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Exclusive Look: Henley Away this Fall

When it comes to Fall, I live in a Henley!  It’s such a great transitional piece and works with just about any look.  Although for some, the idea of a henley being worn at the office or to an event is just out of the question.  Think again!  I’m showing you how to wear this fun Fall staple piece in my first editorial for Stylesource titled Henley Away.

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Style Diary: Fashion Night Out

Last Thursday marked the 3rd annual Fashion Night Out, which has turned into a global event.  Here in New York, I stepped out to show off my style, support my favorite people in the industry, and what else of course SHOP.   I had a blast checking out my friend Robin Tomas‘s brand new collection at the Anik boutique on Madison Avenue. I than strolled down to Ann Taylor to check out my mentor and great friend Mary Alice Stephenson glam 50 lucky ladies.  I happened to bump into some great friends including ABC News Anchor Sade Baderinwa, who tells me she just loves supporting Mary Alice.  Who doesn’t!?  I also happened to run into a mini me who I could not resist taking a picture of.  He’s only 10 years old and that jacket he’s wearing he designed himself.  I would love to interview him on a upcoming episode of Skyping Style!

Next it was off to Girard Perregaux to meet and chat with US Olympic Soccer player Alex Morgan.  She tells me she’s not really a glam type of girl but for Fashion Night Out she clearly wasn’t afraid to show a bit of style.  She looked stunning in a LWD!  My last stop of the evening was at the famed Henri Bendel’s to finally meet and congratulate 2012 overall Handbag Designer winners Bita and Rouzita Vahhabaghai of Ita Collection.  These woman are clearly a triple threat and I’m sure will go far with their amazing handbags and accessories.  I can’t wait to say I knew them when!  Check out some fun snapshots I took along with way.

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