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Denim Days

I’ve always been a fan of denim and lately I seem to be digging it a lot.  Working in a creative field allows for the dress code to be a bit more relaxed.  Whether I’m in a rush or not feeling my best, I tend to count on the most comfortable denim in my wardrobe to get me through the day.  Among my go-to slacks and shirts, I’m looking forward to rocking my favorite denim jackets this season.  A blast from the past, the runways were full of them replacing the basic blazer.

Fedora: Scala, T-Shirt: Designs by Kya, Jacket: Rag & Bone, Pants: Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Brogues: Dsquared, Envelope Clutch: 3L (Custom), Glasses: Tom Ford, Watch: Valentino, Bracelet: Tai

00-62dd1DD2DD300-6300-8Photos courtesy of Briana Elledge

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Opposites Attract

The perfect mix, black & white have played a huge part of designers collections for decades.  Chanel, Calvin Klein and Dior are just a few names that have set trends with this color combo.  Now, pretty much apart of their DNA and many others, it continues to show up on the runways season after season.  Some may argue those who tend to embrace it are just playing it safe.  I myself was never a fan until recently.  If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve been wearing it like crazy.   I’m not sure if my style has evolved to this or a phase I may be going through.  What I can I tell you, is that I’ve been loving how designers have been showing it for the past couple seasons.  From stripes, to leather, to the pairing with neons and metallics, I simply just can’t get enough.

Cardigan: Club Monaco, Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection, Sweatpants: H&M, High Tops: Nike, Envelope Clutch: Rafe, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Watch: Phosphor

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What men really want

when they head out to shop?  That was the question posed to me recently by Fashion Blogger Sierra Leone.  With more and more focusing not just on their portfolio, but also their wardrobe, shopping isn’t just a pit stop anymore.  Men want the total package and aren’t willing to settle for any cheap imitations. To find out what designers and retailers are doing to accommodate this growing interest, read more of my comments here.

Studio-Sofield_Tom-Ford_New-York01(Photo Courtesy of Tom Ford)

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New kids on the block

The front rows at #NYFW were filled with a who’s who in both the worlds of film and fashion.  However, it seemed as though those getting all the attention stood at just a little under 4-feet.  From celebrity offspring to Youtube sensations, these tiny tots were setting the trends both in and around the tents.  Not to mention, they were doing it all while still in diapers.

Familiar faces included Skyler Zoe and Harper Backham.  There last names alone entitle them a hopper pass directly to the front row.  Both having famous mother’s turned designers, I have a feeling their first words weren’t exactly mom or dad, but rather Donatella and Karl.

Alexander Wang has created quite the empire for himself, and his niece Aila is following in her uncle’s footsteps.  Recently named Fashion’s Most Stylish Niece by Intyle, she’s snapped by street style photographers wearing only top designer names like custom Chanel and Balenciaga.  Wang is also getting in on all of his niece’s recent attention, by putting her in pieces that give hints to what he might be showing on the runway for the upcoming season.  I’m not sure if I would consider this child labor…hmm.

Thanks to the recent digital explosion, fashion’s focus has shifted from the runways to the streets, allowing for ordinary people to become muses overnight.  This is so for 5-year-old Alonso Matteo. Sporting names like Dior, Gucci and my Tommy (Tom Ford that is), he has proven to be quite the hit with photographers, bloggers and now designers.  Rumor has it, he could be starring in a ad campaign with a major label soon.  He also has quite the following, with a little over 54k fans on Instagram.  Wow, that’s a lot of troupies!

At just 13-years-old, Sam Horowitz, aka Bar Mitzvah Boy, shows off his latest moves in a hugely popular Youtube video that lands him on major shows like Good Morning America and Ellen.  We also learn he has a passion for fashion, which he is spotted showing off his wild side in a hip leopard print tuxedo style jacket and python printed loafers at the Helmut Lang show.

Move over Anna, it seems these kids are looking to take over your block, and I have a hunch they’re not going to play nicely.


Pictures Courtesy of AP

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Rude boy!

I always said if fashion didn’t fall into my lap first, I would have pursued a career in music.  Like herion to an addict, it’s something I must consume everyday to feel alive.  My earliest memories include rocking out to bands like Fleetwood Mac & Marshall Tucker Band alone in my room.  Although, in my mind, I was entertaining a crowd of thousands.  To this day, there will always be an inner rock god looking to take center stage.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gone platinum yet, but I sure as hell feel like have when it comes to my look.

Tom Ford said it best, whenever he’s feeling down he puts on a suit to make him feel like a million dollars. I love that about fashion.  It’s one of the reasons why I got involved in this industry.  Whether you want to you feel like a million dollars or rockstar, that’s the power that fashion holds to those who understand it. To many it’s just stuff, but to others it’s their armor they put on everyday to fight life’s unexpected battles.

Jacket: Vintage, Tank: Ann Demeulemeester, Shorts: Lanvin, Sneakers: Pierre Hardy, Sunglasses: Retrosuperfuture, Leather keychain: Zana Bayne


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Snap, crackle, pop!

As I’ve mentioned before, summer is a time to relax and let loose a litte.  This is also true when it comes to my wardrobe.  I don’t like dressing up (unless it’s required) as the heat really gets to me.  Feeling cool and casual is the name of the game.

Since I’m an individual who is constantly on-the-go, I need to be prepared for anything that might pop-up unexpectedly.  During the work week, if you happen to run into me, this is the type of look you will most likely find me in.  I can’t get enough of a classic style blazer over a simple tank.  I’ve practically been living in it all season long.  Semi-casual at its simplest, and perfect for both men and women to rock.

Blazer: ZZenga, Tank Top: Rick Owens, Pants: Gucci, Sandals: Kris Van Assache, Sunglasses: Tom Ford, Bag: Boconi





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6 sizzling summer trends

Things are starting to heat up this summer!  Are you feeling a bit left behind when it comes to your reading requirements?  Don’t panic!  I’ve gone ahead and created a cheat sheet for you.  Check out 6 killer trends you should be sporting this season, ladies.  Know them, learn them, love them!  I’ve also given simple and stylish explanations on how to wear them over at Hercampus.com.  Continue reading here


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Make-up for Men!?

If you haven’t already heard, rumor has it, one of my all-time favorite designers, Tom Ford, is set to launch a new beauty line this coming fall.  Unfortunately, it isn’t for the ladies.  Known for his well-manicured look and flawless style (which I adore), Ford has made the decision to enter the men’s multi billion dollar beauty industry upon recent success of his women’s line he created in 2011.  He is not the first to create such a line, and will be sharing real estate with other big names like Marc Jacobs, who already has a line of “unisex”products that are helping both women and men give their best face.

With retail prices expected to start at $80 and up, the question is, aside from a more self conscious man being more select with his fashion choices these days, are they ready and willing to add a couple more products to their daily beauty regimen.  I don’t mind!  But then again, I’m a gay man who works in fashion.  According to Business Week, men aren’t going to mind either (straight men that is,) seeing numbers don’t lie with an increase of just 2.6 billion dollars of spending power since 1997.  I find it a little hard to believe thou, that guys are ready to run off to the men’s room to powder their noses.   Although with a name like Tom Ford behind it, I’m sure with some provocative marketing, convincing them they’ll get laid more will be no hard task for him.  Just Google his previous ad campaigns!

TFMakeup                                        (Photo Courtesy of Thefrequenttraveller.net)

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to punk or not to punk

That was the question of the evening for many who walked the red carpet at last night’s Met Gala in New York. With the theme being Punk: Chaos to Couture, an annual exhibition organized by The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, left some unsure of what the term punk meant.  With that said, we saw a lot of different interpretations on last nights red carpet.

I have a feeling Grace Coddington, Vogue’s Creative Director, might be a bit disappointed this morning as she was hoping to get a glimpse of some real punky a-listers.  Unfortunately, a majority of the crowd played it safe showing off more of their couture side rather than their punk.

Punkmetgala13However, we did see bit of chaos with celebrities layering lots of spike & stud-themed jewelry.    Sarah Jessica Parker even went as far as showing up in a mohawk inspired head piece designed exclusively by Philip Treacy.

Other stand outs included Miley Cyrus who I’m sure if asked she knew what the term CBGB meant, she would bet on Classic Blues Groupies Bar, showed her support by rocking a spiky blond dew paired with a black fishnet floor length gown over a nude one by Marc Jacobs.

Another blondie of the evening was Anne Hathaway.  The Les Miserable star mentions she was inspired by the original blondie Debbie Harry, who also showed up to fashions biggest event of the year.

The queen of punk who does know a thing or two about one of New York’s most iconic punk-rock clubs, will get to relive some of those days in a movie that is set to release shortly.  She will also be able to view an exact replica of the CBGB bathroom which was installed along with this year’s exhibition.  Cigarette butts and all!

Another iconic female inspired by the punk era seen on last nights red carpet was dame Vivienne Westwood. The British Designer showed up with her husband to not only take a walk down memory lane, but spoke about the Bradley Manning trial which she had pinned a picture of him to her gown, along with the word truth in all caps.  One of the most profound statements of the evening, she mentions that punk to her is about justice and making things better.

Other highlights included Kimanye taking loads of #selfies of each other posing on the red carpet.  My tommy (Tom Ford) looking radient with supermodel Joan Smalls as his date.  Hopefully he will get the courage to ask me one year-*sigh*.   Saving the best for last with an appearance by Blue Ivy Carter’s mommy, only to find out Madge decided to show-up last minute downgrading her to coach.

Since Anna Wintour’s involvement with the gala (now her 16th year,) she is set to raise over 100 million dollars for the institute.  The exhibition, which displays various interpretations (100 to be exact) of punk couture by designers like Vivienne Westwood, Thom Browne, John Galliano, and Versace (remember Elizabeth Hurley’s safety pin dress!?,) will be open to the public from May 9-August 14.  A must-see if you live in New York or are planning to travel to over the summer.  Go get punk’d!

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CTMA x WM Designhouse Collaboration

The Colin T. McDonald Agency recently collaborated with handbag line WM Design House in New York to create this bold editorial for their Spring line.  With a week to spare and an amazing team behind me, we were able to capture some of their most sought after bags in a very revealing way.

Cover SSWM

WM SS Photo 1

SS WM Photo 3

SS WM photo 4

SS WM Photo 5

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