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With the chaos of the holidays in full swing, it’s nice to finally take a little time to unwind.  Whether it’s sleeping in late, going back for seconds, or simply spending a little more one-on-one time with the boys (my nephews), the key word for the past couple days has been to overindulge.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that often the other 11 months out of the year due to my professional life taking up much of my time.  However, it seems as if my hard work has paid off making it to Santa’s nice list.  We usually exchange Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas morning.  This year was was no different and I was lucky to find some pretty chic gifts under the tree with MY name on them.  I decided to document the evening with some cool shots taken by my new Canon Rebel T3 in the latest “Style Diary” feature.

Glasses: Warby Parker, Shirt: Van’s (OTW Collection), Pants: Docker’s, Brogues: Cole Haan, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

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Make-up for Men!?

If you haven’t already heard, rumor has it, one of my all-time favorite designers, Tom Ford, is set to launch a new beauty line this coming fall.  Unfortunately, it isn’t for the ladies.  Known for his well-manicured look and flawless style (which I adore), Ford has made the decision to enter the men’s multi billion dollar beauty industry upon recent success of his women’s line he created in 2011.  He is not the first to create such a line, and will be sharing real estate with other big names like Marc Jacobs, who already has a line of “unisex”products that are helping both women and men give their best face.

With retail prices expected to start at $80 and up, the question is, aside from a more self conscious man being more select with his fashion choices these days, are they ready and willing to add a couple more products to their daily beauty regimen.  I don’t mind!  But then again, I’m a gay man who works in fashion.  According to Business Week, men aren’t going to mind either (straight men that is,) seeing numbers don’t lie with an increase of just 2.6 billion dollars of spending power since 1997.  I find it a little hard to believe thou, that guys are ready to run off to the men’s room to powder their noses.   Although with a name like Tom Ford behind it, I’m sure with some provocative marketing, convincing them they’ll get laid more will be no hard task for him.  Just Google his previous ad campaigns!

TFMakeup                                        (Photo Courtesy of Thefrequenttraveller.net)

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Skyping Style: Red Carpet Hair

When it comes to looking their best on the red carpet, celebrities have their glam squads to thank for that.  As far as  you and I, well, we have to rely on ourselves.  If you’re like me and are as free as your hair, as Lady Gaga would sing it, I’m the spirit of my hair, it’s all the glory that I bare.  To help you look your best, I reached out to Celebrity Hairstylist, Deycke Heidorn, to offer up some simple inexpensive tips for you to achieve red carpet hair everyday of your life.

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Skyping Style: Holiday Trends

Today kicks off the official start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving, and that means it’s time to party…in style of course.  To make sure you look your best, styleSOURCE & The Style House, have teamed up to offer some great tips for you to stay in trend all season long.  A huge thank you to Afiya Francisco for coming onto the show.  You’re welcome back anytime.  Don’t forget to tweet us your holiday pictures.  Seasons greeting!

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Cover Looks Collection Brides-to-be Exclusive Giveaway

I was recently asked by Cover Looks Collection to be on their judging panel for a HUGE May Giveaway.  If you just got engaged  I’m about to give you your first wedding present.   They are awarding one lucky bride-to-be with a custom-made gown by Dolly Couture’s Black Label and an array of beauty products from Adonia Organics & Gleam by Melanie Mills.  To win, all you have to do is post a blog or Youtube video introducing yourself and let us know why you deserve to be selected.  May 31st is the deadline for all entries.  Good Luck!

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Featured in Future Face Magazine

I recently was alerted that the beauty cover story for Highlights Magazine I styled was featured on the popular fashion blog titled Future Face Magazine.  They focus on the works of emerging artists within the industry and it’s an honor to have been considered a future face of fashion.  


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Recent Cameo on Stylehaul’s Eat My Bag

I recently made a cameo on the hugely popular online series titled Eat My Bag produced by Stylehaul during New York Fashion Week.  I happened to be leaving the BCBG Max Azria show and was bombarded by the hilarious Matthew Rodrigues and his camera crew asking if they could rummage through my bag.  Since I had some time during my next show and am clearly not camera shy I agreed to let them see what what I was carrying for that day.  Skip to about the 3.20 marker to see two of my favorite items I carry with me at all times just in case I need a quick refresh.


Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins was the first product Matthew happened to pull out of my bag.  If you don’t know, I’m a huge fan of Clarin’s and have been using their product ever since I was introduced to the line while visiting St. Barth’s a couple years ago.  I’ve been hooked ever since and this particular product works wonders.  It’s the perfect beauty pick-me-up to erase signs of stress or fatigue.  Ideal before an evening out or whenever you want to refresh your appearance.  Every woman and man should be carrying this product in their bag!

The woman who introduced me to this amazing product goes by the name of Diana Recanatini and she can be found at Bloomingdale’s (59th St.) here in New York City.  She’s now my go-to girl for anything related to my face.  Stop in for a free consultation if you’re ever around the area or are visiting the city. She’ll definitely make you red-carpet or camera ready for any event!

Zoom Whitening Pen was another product Matthew happened to be drawn too and wanted to know all about.  This is another product I always carry with me just incase I feel my teeth aren’t looking as white as they should.  I was introduced to this great product last fashion week by a close friend and I haven’t been able to stop using.  People ask me all the time how I keep my teeth looking so fresh and I’m letting the cat out bag.  All you do is apply to teeth, wait 10-15 minutes, and rinse.  That’s it!

The bag I happened to be carrying that day is a Saky Sack, a line created by a designer that describes them as eco-friendly, eco-savvy, and eco-fabulous.  I fell in love with the City Camo bag and she was kind enough to send me one.  I haven’t been able to stop using it and get compliments all the time when carrying it around town.   Also, anyone trying to change the way we live in an eco-friendly manner, I’m more than happy to support.

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