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Block Party

I happened to be in the West Village for some meetings last Thursday and forget how beautiful this part of the city is.  Lucky to have had some down time in-between, I walked around with photographer friend Jocelyn Voo to snap some photos of my look.  Speaking of my outfit, I have to give a #mylatestobsession shout out to Banana Republic.  The peacoat and shirt I’m wearing are from their Spring 2014 collection. For me, these two particular pieces really stood out as must-haves for the season. If you’re interested in purchasing, I suggest you run to the nearest BR store as I believe the coat is pretty much sold out everywhere.  Good luck & happy spring-let the awakening begin!

Coat & Shirt: Banana Republic, Denim: Earnest Sewn, Envelope: 3L (custom), Shoes: Grenson, Sunglasses: Ziari (vintage)

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Boys who love bows

The bow-tie has clearly made a comeback.  More and more men (and some women) are choosing to wear it over your basic straight tie.  I personally have consumed quite the collection over the past several years. I’m particularly in love with one in my wardrobe designed by Alfred Julius  made entirely from raw denim. I get so many compliments when wearing it as it is quite unique.

Unfortunately, the summer heat has prevented me from really wanting to sport one as I like to stay comfortable and casual during the warmer seasons.  However, now that the cooler months are quickly approaching, I’m ready to bow-it-up again.  From celebrities, to athletes, to politicians, to even the ticket booth guy at my local movie theatre, they all have one thing in common-they’re boys who love bows.

Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection, Denim: Citizens of Humanity, Bow-tie: Alfred Julius, Shoes: Grenson, Briefcase: Bombata, Sunglasses: Eyebobs, Watch: Skagen







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