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Christopher Fischer Cashmere Rocks!

Cashmere is by far one of my favorite fabrics to style myself with during the colder months.  Not only does it keep me warm and feel amazing against my bare skin, its iron-like capabilities have me falling in love with each piece season after season.  So when I received an invite to the launch of Christopher Fischer’s new rock-n-roll inspired fall collection, I sent styleTV’s Josh McBride on assignment to their SoHo store to check it out.

Video provided by John M. Mastriano

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styleTV x 2013 IHDA

If you’ve been following my blog closely, you know I was asked to be a preliminary judge for the 7th Annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards here in New York.  An event I very much look forward to being apart of every year.  Back in April, a group of industry leaders came together to decide which bags were the most innovative within a variety of categories.  As you know, it wasn’t an easy task to do since there were literally over one-thousand submissions worldwide.

Fast forward two months and the winners are chosen at an exclusive award ceremony held at the School of Visual Arts.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend due to a previous engagement, but I sent along styleTV Correspondent Charlii to speak to the winners, as well as, a variety of other VIP guests in attendance.  To find out who we rubbed elbows with-Click & watch!

Video by John Mastriano

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