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Mad Hatter

Ever since Pharrell’s hat became a household name, I’ve been on the hunt to find something like it.  A fan of both his music and style, this is one trend that I just had to imitate.  After looking all over the internet for something similar, my cart (and head) still remained empty.  However, while out and about in Williamsburg recently, I struck gold at a nearby boutique.  I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and plan to rock this look all season long.

Hat: Pork Pie Hatters, Sunglasses: Ziari (Vintage), Shirt: Raf Simons for Fred Perry, Shorts: Lanvin, Sandals: Kris Van Assche


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Hello Gorgeous

As I bid farewell to yet another year, I look forward to what the new one has in-store for me.  Every year I set goals for myself to achieve, and this year I’ve decided to push the bar even higher.  I can’t wait to let you in on all the new partnerships and collaborations that are happening in 2014.   I’m also excited to be expanding the blog with new features showcasing lots more photos and cool videos, via the styleTV channel.

With that said, as I look back upon the last 365 days, I’m grateful for all the love and support that has been shown to me throughout the year.  Your likes, tweets and comments have not gone unnoticed.  To those who continue to do so on a daily basis, I greatly appreciate your loyalty in support of my work.  Keep them coming!

Hat: Banana Republic, Coat: Hart Schaffner Marx (Vintage), T-shirt: Alternative apparel, Denim: J-Brand, Backpack: Appalatch, High-tops: Salvatore Ferragamo, Sunglasses: Ray-ban, Watch: Valentino


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Boys who love bows

The bow-tie has clearly made a comeback.  More and more men (and some women) are choosing to wear it over your basic straight tie.  I personally have consumed quite the collection over the past several years. I’m particularly in love with one in my wardrobe designed by Alfred Julius  made entirely from raw denim. I get so many compliments when wearing it as it is quite unique.

Unfortunately, the summer heat has prevented me from really wanting to sport one as I like to stay comfortable and casual during the warmer seasons.  However, now that the cooler months are quickly approaching, I’m ready to bow-it-up again.  From celebrities, to athletes, to politicians, to even the ticket booth guy at my local movie theatre, they all have one thing in common-they’re boys who love bows.

Shirt: Calvin Klein Collection, Denim: Citizens of Humanity, Bow-tie: Alfred Julius, Shoes: Grenson, Briefcase: Bombata, Sunglasses: Eyebobs, Watch: Skagen







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When not glued to my computer, on a call, or simply just trying to build the agency, one of my favorite pastimes of the summer includes spending it with my close friends and family.  There’s nothing like going to a gathering where everybody knows your name.  It doesn’t happen often for me these days, but when it does, I like to take full advantage of it.

Whether it be a swanky rooftop soiree, backyard BBQ, or loud luau, I like to keep my look casual since it is summer and a time to let loose.  With that said, I’m a sucker for anything bold or shiny.  From colors, to prints, to accessories, this season is all about making a statement.

Personally, I can’t walk by anything metallic without checking it twice.  When I ran into these high-tops by Hugo Boss resembling dorothy’s slippers a couple season’s ago, I knew I had to add them to my collection. Since then, they have given me nothing but joy (and a bit of attention) when on my feet.

I’ve also recently added another pair of Ray-ban aviators with a green metallic finish to my sunglass collection that are just pimp.  When I noticed these puppies in the window; they had my name written all over them.  I’m sure they’ll be glued to my face all summer long.

The shorts I’m sporting are by Parke & Ronen.  They can be doubled as swim trunks which is great for those summer parties with a pool nearby.  Hey, I’m an aquarian and love the water.

The clutch is by Lacoste which I picked up at the outlets in Woodbury.  I love fashion, but I also love it at a discount.  One thing you should know about me is that I never pay full price for anything.

Lastly, one of my favorite looks for summer is a cardigan and shorts.  It’s casual, simple and effortlessly chic. This one I picked up at Club Monaco a couple season’s ago at a sample sale.

Anywho, enough about me!  Drop me a note and let me know what looks you like to rock to your favorite summertime social.








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Summer Fridays

Fridays just got a whole lot easier thanks to summer.   A time to disconnect from your regular routine, it’s all about keeping the weeks short and weekends sweeter.  With just 93 days to spare, many of us will be dashing off to the nearest beach or lake to focus on our tranquility, tan or tequila intake.

Aside from loosing some focus at work, I like to do the same when it comes to my wardrobe.  If you’re like me who sweats at the mere thought of humidity; staying dry is the name of the game.  A relaxed look is what I’m all about, and avoiding any wardrobe malfunctions is the perfect summer, if you ask me.

Let the dog days begin!







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