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Spring Flurry

Spring has finally sprung in New York City and I couldn’t be happier.  Here in Williamsburg where I reside, the streets and parks have turned into a flurry of white flowers, blooming from tree-to-tree.  In keeping with my environment, I’m excited to be sporting a spring favorite-white-on-white.  Turning in my bold black looks for something a little softer sounds like a great idea.

Jacket: Banana Republic, T-Shirt: Saint Laurent, Denim: Earnest Sewn, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Sneakers: Adidas




Pictures courtesy of Briana Elledge

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Fall Staple: Into the trenches

Now that the weather has started to take on a whole new feeling, outerwear will begin to play a role in our wardrobe choices.  One of my all-time favorites for fall is a trench coat.  An essential, its classic structure makes it one of the most versatile jackets on the market today.  By tradition, this cool-weather staple is one that will last you a lifetime.

Trench Coat: Burberry, T-shirt: Club Monaco, Denim: J. Brand, Sneakers: Adidas, Sunglasses: Eyebobs






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